Bearfoot Enterprise

Our Story…

We began our package prep business in 2012 as an extension to our daughter’s educational software startup, sourcing classroom materials for resell worldwide.

The bundled kits included a dozen craft items such as modeling clay, pipe cleaners, foam letters, craft paper, etc as well as a flex arm camera mount and small digital USB camera. Most of the items came in large case quantities and required re-bagging and labeling. These were then stocked in bins ready for bundling into single use kits or larger classroom kits.

Since we also covered all customer order fulfillment for her business, we are very knowledgeable in shipping with UPS and USPS, both domestic and international. We worked with numerous vendors over the years to refine the product receiving and shipping process to streamline our repackaging process.

We are now offering that knowledge and expertise to any and all sellers needing package prep or bundling services that meet FBA requirements. And remember the Montana location supports a tax free service!